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The Vortech Force is quickly becoming recognised as the world’s most advanced domestic vacuum cleaner

Peace of mind

When making a major purchase for your home, it’s important to know you have bought from a reputable company. A company that has got a long and proven history and a company that you can rely on to be there when you need them again in the future. We were founded in 1996 in the Medway Towns and have been here ever since.

We have been giving the same high standard of sales and services from the same place since before Bluewater shopping centre was opened. The year we opened as few as 1 in 23 people had a mobile phone, Tony Blair had just taken power from John Major. We have traded successfully through 7 general elections, 14 summer Olympics’, 3 recessions and 1 global pandemic! We are extremely proud of our history and we continue to grow and add to the nearly 35,000 UK Vortech Force owners.

The week we moved into our current Head Quarters in Strood, Kent. Summer 1998
Medway City Estate Summer 2015. The tiny sapling planted just before we moved in has grown so large, its routes are beginning to threaten the buildings foundation!